Dear Family and Friends שיחיו,

It is with tremendous joy that we invite you personally to the Hachnosas Sefer Torah dedicating a Torah to our dear father and mother, Rabbi Mordechai Tzvi and Freyda שיחיו Sufrin. This Torah honors our parents for their years of love and dedication to Torah and the community.

Towards the end of Deuteronomy, G-d commands the Jews “Write for you this song” (31:19). The Talmudic Sages have interpreted this as a command for each individual to write a Torah scroll, or at least participate, either physically or monetarily, in the completion of one. Every letter in the Torah represents a Jewish soul, and a completed Torah signifies complete Jewish unity.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in completing this Torah in appreciation of Rabbi and Mrs. Sufrin.

Please consider dedicating a letter, parshah (portion), or Sefer (book), in honor of yourself, your family, or in memory of departed loved ones. By joining in this great endeavor, you will be fulfilling the above mentioned Mitzvah and help defray the cost of this Torah.

It will be an honor greeting you there.

The Sufrin Children

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